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ALEX the Grey, and friends, love Avian Naturals Parrot Foods! Alex and the crew, have been eating Avian Naturals for about 9 years now. Alex has everyone at Irene Pepperbergs lab well trained.. he asks for "Grains" and Arlene Levin, Lab Manager, knows exactly what Alex wants... Avian Naturals. 

Arlene Writes:
 "once they get going, their beaks get covered in the stuff.
They also get very impatient with her, as she prepares  bowls for their breakfast! She's trained well too! 

Irene Pepperberg Writes: 
"The birds really love these grains!
Thanks so much for sending them...

You can check out the NEW Alex website here:

Alex enjoying his "Grains" AKA Avian Naturals! 

This is Arthur, but they call him Wart! Looking very protective of his Avian Naturals!

And this is Griffin, see how his eye is pinned! Excited about his breakfast! 


Avian Naturals, Just say NO to additives, preservatives, color enhancers, and added sugars!