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Tiny, Small, Medium, Medium-Large
 & Large Sizes Displayed

Assorted Color Patterns as shown

All the Birdie Huts are made from 100% prewashed high thread count quality cotton fabric. Soft white fleece lining inside and the base is made of plastic craft mesh. They are completely machine washable and can be dried on low heat setting or easily hand-washed and air dried.
Every hut is stitched for maximum durability.
They can be hung in your birds cage with a simple wooden dowel or by using quick links.  Quick links are included as shown.

Tiny Size:   Lovebird size  3X5X5    $13.00
Small Size:  Conure size    4-3/4X5-3/4X6  $17.00
Medium Size:  Conures, Caiques, etc. 8-1/2X5X6   $20.00
Med-Large Size: Zons, Grey, sm Toos size 5X6-1/2X10  $23.00
Large Size:  Lg. Toos and Caws 6X8X14  $29.00

All Measurements are
Approximate as these are hand-made.  

Approximate Sizes  
Tiny Birdie Hut
3X5X5  $13.00
Small Birdie Hut
4-3/4X5-3/4X6 $17.00 
Medium Birdie Hut
8-1/2X5X6 $20.00
Med-Large Birdie Hut
5X6-1/2X10 $23.00
Large Birdie Hut 
6x8x14 $29.00
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