Stephanie Gray-Ruggiero
Owner & Daughter
Joan Cirino
Consultant & Mother
Malden, Ma 02148


Clearance Specials

"extremely limited"
Toys: We only have 1 or 2 of the listed toys, please don't order larger quantities as we will have to substitute!
Please remember:
Always supervise your bird with new toys and inspect old toys regularly for worn or frayed parts.




Lots of oversized hardwood bones all stacked up for your birds chewing pleasure. Strung with vegetable tanned leather and bright acrylic jewels nestled in between the layers and lest we forget to mention the cotton supreme for preening fun.
G-65 Birdy Bones Toy

11 in. L X 3.5 in. W 

6000 G-65 Birdy Bones Toy
$ 11.95 each

At the center a plastic ball and circle attached with many colorful moveable spinning sticks and small balls of wood.  A great soft wood toy for your little birdies to have hours of fun and enjoyment.  They will be ringing the bell for hours!
C-134 Popsicles Spin Toy
5 1/2 in. L X 7 in. W 

6001 C-134 Popsicles Spin Toy
$ 11.99 each

Leather butterflies that will steal your avian companions heart!! Butterfly is accented with leather knots, marbella rings, beads and baubles to entice. This toy when played with looks like butterflies in motion.
This toy includes a wide jaw stainless steel quick link.
G-66 Butterfly Kisses Toy

19 in. L  

6002 G-66 Butterfly Kisses Toy
$ 14.00 each

The Swoop toy with over 50 parts is a chewing delight! Wood pieces, plastic baubles and oodles of vegetable tanned leather keep your bird chewing for hours. All on stainless steel hardware.
G-102 Swoop Toy

10 in. L X 7 in. W 

6003 G-102 Swoop Toy
$ 19.95 each

Cotton Supreme rope and hardwood shape toy for the medium fids. Very colorful and hours of fun for your special fid.
J4-49 Medium Rag Mop Toy

10 in. L X 8 in. W

6004 J4-49 Medium Rag Mop Toy
$ 12.99 each

Leather circle as a base with donut beads, plastic dominos, plastic character and a bell at the bottom.  This is a great new toy for your birds cage.  There is a little bit of everything in this toy!
C-136 Domino Circle Toy
5 1/2 in. L X 2 1/2 in. W 

6005 C-136 Domino Circle Toy
$ 8.99 each

Jute monkey fist toy with moveable beads and baubles on stainless steel link.  Plastic ball inside the fist.
C-29 Monkey Fist 3 Toy

5 in. L X 1 in. W 

6006 C-29 Monkey Fist 3 Toy
$ 2.99 each

Does your bird have a deep passion for our best selling spin cycle toy!?  Then Super Cycle will most certainly be a beaking pleasure for your avian companion.  FOUR strands of chunkier wood, pacifiers, heavy beads and baubles, all on stainless steel chain.
G-67 Super Cycle Toy

12 in. L x 5 in. W

6007 G-67 Super Cycle Toy
$ 22.95 each

Lots of fun chews on this adorable little toy!
3 grass rings, 3 grass balls, 3 wood wafers
and 3 brass bells, strung up on natural sisal rope.
X-16  3 Ring & Ding Chew Toy

8 in long x 6-1/2 in. W

6008 X-16 3 Ring & Ding Chew Toy
$ 14.95 each

Introducing our 4 inch munch ball loaded with beads and cotton supreme rope for hours of preening pleasure.
D-15 Preening Beads Toy

6 in. L X 6 in. W

6009 D-15 Preening Beads Toy
$ 13.99 each

3 inch Honey Dipper toy with pacifiers and
Supreme Rope to preen. A grand treat for
the beak!
G-72 Little Dipper Foot Toy

3 in. L X 2 in. W

6010 G-72 Little Dipper Foot Toy
$ 3.25 each